Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Our first daughter was born at the end of July. Five hours after her birth I was taken to surgery for a D&C due to the fact that I was hemorrhaging. The D&C turned into a hysterectomy when they could not get the bleeding to stop. I was only 21 at the time dreaming of a big family. It was crushing to loose my ability to have children. Your blog and Malachi's story have been an inspiration to me. I constantly talk about little Malachi. My husband was hearing about "wow, Malachi was back in the hospital again." Or sees the excitement when "He's HOME!" Malachi became a common name in our house as if he had been a child of a friend at church. Your story became as real to me as those I'm closest to. Much of my hurt and loss paled as I read more. When I struggled I thought about your everyday heart ache and pain and stress. I kept thinking about I can do it today because I know she is. Malachi was such a strong fighter. Thank you to you and John for fighting for your son and your family. You have touched many.


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