Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Pie Night

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving our church puts a hold on the usual Wednesday night church activities and has an annual pie night time of fellowship with one another as a church body.  I love listening to the stories of those in my church family and how God has worked through the good and bad to bring each one of us closer to Him.

The first pie night we were a part of we were still relatively new to the church and it was only a couple of months after I had miscarried with Jordan.  I felt led to get up and say something (which completely evades me at this point) even though most were unaware of what had happened.  Last year, we were in the hospital with Malachi during pie night.  Because I knew God would once again lead me to get up and share at least something of His goodness throughout the trials of the last year, I came prepared!

This year there was kind of an "order" for people to share.  There was a time of singing and then those over 30 were encouraged to share something.  When people in that age bracket were seemingly done, one of our pastors told us how he was encouraged by those of us in our church who suffered great loss of loved ones in the past year who clung to God during those times instead of turning our backs.  Tears immediately fill my eyes and I knew I would be unable to coherently give a testimony.

John stepped up and took my notes paired with what he had wanted to say and kind of just spoke for the both of us while I sat with tears streaming down my face.  Had I been composed, this is what I had planned to say...

I am thankful for God's peace.  In God's Word, He promises to "keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You: because he trusts in You" (Isaiah 26:3).  We had a 30 minute drive to and from the hospital each day to spend time with Malachi and meet with doctors and figure out what was best for our baby.  Many times I would spend that time listening to this CD.  It kind of became my "pump-up" music to keep me in the right mindset when our lives were filled with questions and uncertainty.  This song in particular very much kept our minds stayed on our great God who had ordained each and every one of Malachi's days.

In Your grace, You know where I walk
You know when I fail
You know all my ways
In Your love, I know You allow
What I cannot grasp
To bring Your praise

Thank You for the trials
For the fire, for the pain
Thank You for the strength
Knowing You have ordained
Every day

Your great power is shown when I’m weak
You help me to see
Your love in this place
Perfect peace is filling my mind
And drawing my heart
To praise You again

In my uncertainty, Your Word is all I need
To know You’re with me every day (repeat)

At their website they include the following little blurb regarding the CD...
But all our problems don’t end when we turn to Christ. We still get sick. Marriages end. Children die. Our plans, great or small, are disrupted. We grow weary in the battle.

Scripture assures us that God is sovereignly using our difficulties as tools to make us more like his Son. “We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” (Ro 5:3–5) While we know these things are true, in the midst of our hardships we can lose perspective. Problems can loom large, and our hopes can grow dim.
Come Weary Saints is an invitation to redirect your focus to the God whose love has been forever demonstrated at the cross of Calvary. As you listen to these songs, may your faith and joy in the Savior be strengthened for the challenges you face, now or in the future.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

6 months

 I was thankful that the 25th of this month I was able to spend the entire day with my husband.  When the tears come, he understands.  A silent nod with a caring look and a loving embrace does a lot to encourage my soul during those times.  It's also just nice to know I'm not crazy for the pain that still remains from the gaping hole that was left when our son died. Malachi Stephen, you are missed immensely my baby boy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

it's arrived

The monument place FINALLY finished and placed Chi's gravemarker.  It just so happened to be the very same day we welcomed his little brother into the world.  Kind of weird.  However, we were very pleased with how it turned out!
Front View

Back View

Saturday, November 20, 2010


So, I realize for those of you who don't keep up with us on Facebook I kinda left you hangin' with the whole "my fluid levels are low and we're inducing labor.... today" post.  I promise--all is well!!!

Here's the quick version:
Went to the hospital late Tuesday night with contractions coming every five minutes for almost two hours.  Once they got me hooked up to the monitors and all that to see how things were going, baby's heart rate had an episode of deceleration which required me to be on oxygen support to help baby.  Through the night, I puked and from that point, contractions slowly came to an end.  Had it not been for that deceleration episode they would have sent me home, but they wanted to keep me overnight for observation.  My doctor came in the next morning and ordered an ultrasound (biophysical profile) to be done on baby just to check things out before sending us home.  The fluid levels were measured REALLY low... twice.  by two different techs.  It was low enough that my doctor (with John and myself) decided to induce.  Pitocin was begun, contractions started back up, and eventually my doc broke my water.  Shortly thereafter, anesthesia came in to administer my epidural (he did a great job) and I slept the next six hours.  I was so very thankful for this sleep as I had stayed awake all of the previous night (due to frustration of ending contractions) and was in dire need of decent rest.  At about 12:30 am, I was completely dilated.  The room was set up, my doc came in, and baby arrived a push later (yeah, that part of my deliveries goes pretty quickly).  It was love at first sight and we've been snuggling and loving on him as much as possible ever since!

Overall, he has a pretty laid-back demeanor (so far, at least).  Nursing--which was the most horrible experience with Emerson--has gone wonderfully!  I had already come to terms with the fact that Jackson would also prove to be a difficult eater and that we just wouldn't connect when it comes to breastfeeding.  I was quick to remind myself that I only lasted 5 or 6 weeks with Emma and she's turned out fine up to this point.  If nursing wasn't going to work out, I would just make the switch to formula and not look back.  Praise the Lord (yes, this is something I and some close friends had been praying about), Jackson is a GREAT eater.  It was funny, one morning the new nurse came in while I was feeding him and she said, "Wow, you can really tell which moms are experienced breastfeeders..." I literally laughed out loud.  ME?!?! experienced!?!? HA!  The lactation consultant even used us as an example for proper technique! Needless to say, things are going much better than expected!  The past few nights, he has eaten at midnight or so (which I'm already up for), then again at 330 or so, and then not til like 8 or 830--all the while going right back to sleep after he's finished eating!  All that to say, God is good--so very, very good!  (oh, and he was back up to birth weight as his 5-day doc appt.  I told you he was a good eater!)

I was so worried that I wouldn't be immediately in love with this baby and that my grief from Malachi's death would still be too much to allow for room for Jackson.  I knew, however, that God answers prayers that are asked according to His will.  Obviously, it would be God's will for me to LOVE my son, so even though I couldn't fathom it I was able to trust that God would answer that prayer for our family.  Sure enough, as soon as I laid eyes on this baby I was smitten.  Completely infatuated. Unashamedly in love. 

It is interesting to John and I just how much  more appreciative we are of the little (big) things that come with a healthy baby.  For instance, knowing our baby can hear us and that he can see us is a blessing we most definitely took for granted with Emerson.  Not only that, but we were thankful for things like the ability for him to breathe on his own without the use of a ventilator, let alone the ability to breathe through his nose! Jackson was perfectly knit by God within my very being.  Amazing!

As you've noticed, we landed on the name Jackson Nehemiah.  Not only do we really like how the name Jackson sounds, but Jack (for whatever reason) is a nickname for John and obviously this baby is John's son.  So to that end, he is somewhat named after my husband without just blatantly calling him John Jr.  The name Nehemiah means God will comfort.  What an appropriate promise for our family to cling to now and always.  A perfect name for our perfect gift from above. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Shutterfly for Christmas

Hey bloggers, right now is really pushing their holiday card promotion and not only do I want to take part in the 50 FREE PHOTOCARDS, but I thought some of you might like to as well!  Did I mention FREE!?!?  Just visit for details.

I've had great experiences with Shutterfly in the past with both photobooks and Christmas cards.

Personalized photobooks are always a hit for gifts to grandparents and kiddos alike.  I made this ABC book for Emerson a while ago.  I waited for a promotion and received it with shipping for under $10! It's hardcover and the pics are great quality!

I also received these free Christmas cards last year:

Or, maybe you have the need for birth announcements ;)

Taking a quick peek at the website, there are over 188 templates to choose from . Right now, I'm leaning toward this classic black and white option. 

Now, I'll just have to make sure I get a good pic of Miss Emerson and Mr. Jackson. 


Quick note


Mama misses you.  I wish your brother could meet you.  When I found out we were pregnant, I knew it would be hard, but I was really looking forward to how he would push you developmentally.  I figured he would quickly pass you, but would also be one of your greatest advocates and friends. It would have been a lot of work raising all three of you, but your daddy and I were up for the challenge.  Thankfully, I know you are safe and in the best environment any of us could possibly be.

There were plenty of emotions coursing through my being as I met your little brother.  I am thankful for the little similarities which he shares with you.  Minor ear imperfections will always hold a special place in my heart because of you.  Jackson also has long fingers and toes that instantly reminded me of you. 

You are loved and missed, my baby.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby time!

So turns out it was actually a good thing they kept me overnight.
Yesterday at my doc appt my fluid levels were normal range 16.8. (I
wanted them to check due to polyhydramnios with Chi-excess of amniotic
fluid). Doc explained over 10 was good. Under 10 was cause for close
watch. Under 5 was too low and baby needed out.

Due to a decelerated fetal heart rate episode last night, they kept me
for observation. Doc ordered a BPP (biophysical profile) to double
check everything before going home. Baby himself looked good, but
fluid level was 6. The discrepancy from yesterday to today was
great--16.8 to 6. Doc wanted a recheck before discharge to home to
verify. Next scan showed 4.4.

So iv was placed, labs have been drawn, pit has been started and-by
golly-we are having a baby! A little sooner than anticipated, but
please pray with us for a smooth rest of the delivery and all the
crazy emotions that are sure to follow.

For now I'm going to get some "rest" and enjoy toy story 3 with my
husband ;).


They might as well send me home. My nice contractions that had made
their way to 2.5 min apart seem to have dissipated after I lost my
dinner. Not the direction I thought we were headed. I'm gonna feel
pretty stupid if they send me home without baby.

37-week visit

Major news of the visit:
Dilated to 3. Still 50%
ultrasound showed baby at 8+ lbs!

Oh and we are at the hospital tonight currently with contractions 3
min apart or so. Please pray. Crazy days are sure to follow.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

potty training favorites

after she hears her pee hit the water she gets really excited and says, "mama, are you SO PROUD of me??"

we're still have her wear a diaper at night (she keeps it dry from 8p to 9a, but still it's worth the 10 cents to not have a mess to clean up in the morning just in case), so she gets really excited when she gets to put panties on after going in the potty.  she started singing me a song, "panty time, panty time.  who doesn't love panty time?"

the other day she was in the bathroom while I was using the loo and she exclaimed, "mama, i'm so proud of you!" I replied, "Why sweetie?"  "Because you kept your panties dry!"

say what??

so emma and i only kiss on the cheek  and she was REALLY trying to kiss my lips the other day. she was climbing all over me and forcing my head toward hers.  she was all giggly and then got really serious and said "this is gonna get weird".  I BUSTED UP LAUGHING!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

house updates...

cutting in purple in emmas room...

nursery primed...

master bedroom primed...

some color in the master...

nursery sneak peek...

emma room sneak peek...

helping mommy paint baseboards for master...

dark gray loft...

so, so, so, SO much cleaning (and painting and woodwork and flooring and moving and unpacking) yet to do... it's progress though!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Things...

our little artist...

so proud...

finished punkin' by our punkin'

zoo boo... stopped to take a pic for daddy who was working at the house. (cheese face)  when she had her princess gown on she insisted calling me "my majesty".

when we stopped at the house on the way home to bring daddy dinner, we noticed trick-or-treaters.  a mice unexpected end to our evening.  daddy and his princess...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helpful hints for your guesses.

I realized I could probably include some further helps. If you've left
your guess already feel free to keep it OR if you'd like, place a new
one (which will simply then void the first prediction)...

--original due date thought to be 11/27.
--32wk ultrasound measured baby at 5lb and a few ounces.
--34wk belly was measuring 38cm
--36wk belly was back to 36cm with baby dropped and head down.
--I'm dilated to 1.5cm and at 50%

Emerson was 8lb 8oz at 39 weeks.
Malachi was sick and he was still 7lb 8oz at 39 weeks.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

36 weeks

Taking guesses...NOW!  leave a comment with your email address and your best guess for delivery date and  weight.  The person who comes the closest will receive a $5 gift card to  Also, include your guess for length--if there is a tie, we will use the length guess as a tie-breaker!  Let the games begin...

Sorry, no pic.  I don't THINK i'm any bigger than before, so you can refer to the 34-week post below ;)

The quick stats:
BP: 116/68
weight: 188 (total gain of 33/up 3 from 34-week visit)
*can't believe I'm keeping track of this in a public arena!*
abdomen: 36 cm--back on appropriate pace and baby has dropped!
baby position: head down.
dilation: 1.5 cm
effaced: 50%

baby will be here before you know it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

They're back!

Emma:  Mom, MOM!! God got them back!  God got them back for you!
Me: God got what back Emma?
Emma:  Your leg whiskers! Hooray!

A message

Hey, mama... I wrote a message.  Let me read it to you. 

(runs across the room to pick up a receipt with a bunch of scribbles on the back to bring it back to show me)

It says...

Dear Daddy,
I love you.  And I love my mommy.

(that's a lotta lovin'!)