Friday, September 16, 2011


so i'm on the end of an awful wave of grief that seemed to come out of nowhere.  so thankful for a husband and my God who so patiently and faithfully endure and provide the much needed strength when i find myself sobbing to the point of hyperventilating.... i'm learning it comes in waves and thankful this one will be getting easier soon.

volleyball is going well.  i love coaching.  i get frustrated when i don't see the girls playing to their potential.  i'm learning i don't know how to motivate them to play together to win.  i wish i could communicate to them what a luxury it is to be able to just not have any other responsibilities for the two hours of practice or a game and the ability to just play. get over their mistakes. be patient with one another. come together and stinkin' crush their opponent.  praying they learn and also for patience for myself as i wait for them to learn.

i miss taking pictures.  i need to be challenged in this area or my camera sits in its case collecting dust.  memories are lost because my mind can't seem to collect and store these precious moments with my children yet. john and i give ourselves a small monthly allowance.  i'm using last months and this current months cash to do the family joy class at Willette .  Feel free to sign up and join me.

willette family joy

my husband turns 29 next Monday.  i've been putting "almost 30" on his birthday cake for the last three years.  next year when he really does turn 30 it will be very anti-climatic i feel. 

the work on the house has pretty much been at a standstill since john's car accident coinciding with me starting up volleyball.  between work, kids, vball, church, and investing in time with john--there's not much time left for anything else.

we're also trying to discern what the Lord would have for us more long-term.  China? teaching ministry? ESL? wanting to figure that out BEFORE we invest what money we do have in any one particular route.  prayers for that would also be appreciated. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eminence at HOME (Article)

September 13, 2011

Patriots not shocked by Eels

BROWNSBURG — The Bethesda Christian Patriots volleyball team handily defeated the Eminence Eels with a collective team effort.

Bethesda was able to withstand runs from Eminence to win easily 3-0 (25-19, 25-12, 25-21). Patriots coach Marissa Sharbaugh was happy with the way her team performed in the victory.

"We played together. They have the skills, they know what they need to do to get a win on the board and they just did it," Sharbaugh said. "It was really an all-around team effort."

The opening set started close but a 10-3 run at the end of the set secured the first victory 25-19 for Bethesda.

In the second set, Hannah Henry started the Patriots off by serving up four straight points. Bethesda was in control throughout the game, not allowing Eminence to net two consecutive points until the score was 19-7. Only twice in Set 2 did the Eels score two successive points.

Set 3 was the biggest battle for the Patriots as the Eels made a late run to tie the game at 17-17. But Bethesda charged back to score four straight points with Olivia Harrison serving. The Patriots then scored four of the last five points to win the set 25-21.

"It felt really good that we could stick together, play as a team and to play for Christ," said Harrison, the lone senior on the team.

Luckily for the Patriots the match did not go into extra games, as they were exhausted from a weekend where they played four matches.

 "Having a couple days to rest was really good for us," Harrison said. "We worked really hard at practice yesterday to just get back in the groove of playing."

If the Patriots were tired from the long weekend, they did not show it. The girls dove for every loose ball and constantly ran to keep the ball alive, showcasing their fighting spirit.

"They are very scrappy, they picked up everything. I continually see improvement with the girls," Sharbaugh said. "They are learning to trust each other, to do their part and it's coming together."

Sunday, September 4, 2011

3 years... missing and remembering...

Because I'm too busy and emotionally spent with life right now to formulate thoughts for a coherent post, feel free to stroll down my memory lane...  also, feel free to pray for me as I remember Jordan this month, as I try to rejoice with friends with sick kiddos who are loving the little victories and meeting milestones we never got the chance to experience with Malachi, among other things...

1. The entire miscarriage narrative...  
All things are possible with God—including surviving a miscarriage. 

2. Lessons learned and blessings received.

3. Remembering (one year post-miscarriage).

4. Two years later.  

5. Daddy grieves too.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mommys little helper

At the lunch table..

Mama: (glimpse of laundry waiting to be folded, followed by a sigh)
Emma: are you tired, mom?
Mama: yep, sweetie.
Emma: go take a nap.
Mama: but I can't. I have to watch the kiddos. I can't do that while I'm sleeping.
Emma: yes you can. Jackson is already asleep and I can fold your clothes for you. That a good idea?