Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kid quotes galore

Wow, I went a whole month with no posts. It's been busy around here for sure. Hopefully these kid quotes will suffice....

In trouble...son walks away. 
Mama: Jackson Nehemiah, I am not done talking to you. 
Jackson: (snidely) but I am done talking to YOU.  (With this shaking fist thing he does)

Kids were taking their time at the store...taking forever to use the bathroom or not keeping up or touching things they weren't supposed to.  My patience was wearing thin.  I snapped at Emma.  Holy Spirit convicted me and I apologized...
Mama: Emma, I'm sorry for being impatient with you.
Emma: Yeah, I was just about to tell you are being way too impatient with your kiddos.

Fast forward to bedtime prayers...
Emma: ...and help mamma with the kiddos.  Help us to be patient with her and help her to be patient with us. 

Emma: Who likes bacon on their pizza? 
  Emma, Jackson, and Mommy raise their hands.
Emma: Who like cheese on their pizza?
  Emma raises hand.
Mama: I like cheese on my pizza, but not JUST cheese.
Emma: oh I like just'cheese.
Jackson: Yeah I like justice league too!

Emma: Pretend I'm like a soccer player.
Jackson: oh, and pretend I'm a baseball or a soccer ball or a raccoon.

Putting Jackson down for a nap, I held up two of his plush superhero guys--Superman and Captain America.
Mama: Which one is your favorite buddy?
Jackson: You're my favorite, mama.

(Jackson) After putting his sunglasses on... "I look good."

Jackson was being super cute and giving me hugs while I was pushing him in a grocery cart.
Marissa: Oh, thanks, Love.
Jackson: I am not your love.  Daddy is your love.

John: Jackson, if you finish your burger you can have the last cheese curd.
(Jackson proceeds to SHOVE the rest of his burger into his mouth)
John: what are you a wild animal?
Jackson: Aaaaaa-Woooooooo.....

Emma: I can't wait to see Mickey and Minnie!
Me: Where?
Emma: Uh, when we go to disneyworld!  I can see my favorite princesses.
Me: Who are your favorites?
Emma: Ariel and Tangled...
Me: who do you think are daddy's favorite?
Emma: Belle... And me.

The kids were playing...
Emma: Jackson, are we like the slaves?
Jackson: Yeah, we are the bad guys!
Emma: No, pharaoh is the bad guy.
Jackson: Oooohhhhh....
Emma: Can you say Israelites?

Emma was using this state chart thing where you spin it and it tells you the state capital, bird, flower, and tree...

Jackson took it from her hands and said, "OK, where's Narnia?"