Monday, November 24, 2008

First Steps!!

Yep. She did it. Emma took her first steps today. Almost 11 months. That's so crazy to think that 11 months ago she was still in my belly and today walking. Okay, not exactly walking, but 4 or 5 legitimate consecutive steps. Sorry, dad, you were out here JUST A WEEK too early.

I'm trying to figure out ideas for family Christmas gifts and all that... oh the possibilities (especially when people don't give much help with hints ;))

That's all for now. I'm tired and it's only 9:30. Ridiculous.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

God's gentle reminders that He is in control.

It's amazing to have a day when you can sit back and realize that God really is in control, even in the little things.

This morning I had an appointment at WIC for both Emerson and I at 8:30. I had searched for an hour or so last night for my WIC folder. I had just cleaned up the house for when Dad and Karla were out here and knew that I had seen it somewhere--just wasn't sure where. Well, I thought I had all the paystubs and things gathered that I needed for me to re-apply (apparently, you're still eligible for x amount of months after a miscarriage). I could only find three of the pay stubs, so i had to grab another one out of our finance binder. Sure enough, when I opened it, I found the folder I had been looking for just in time for my appointment.

Then I realized it was already 8:10 and Emma was still sleeping and obviously I hadn't made her bottle. I get her up and get things going and I'm out the door with only 10 minutes to get to the south side of Indianapolis. I showed up only 5 minutes late for my appointment, but it didn't really matter because they were already running behind due to computer issues so it really wasn't a big deal.

Because of the computer issues, the appointment took a little longer than expected. I did find out that Emma is 51% in weight and 52% in height--about as average as they come! 19lb 6oz and I can't remember the height. Her pediatrician said she should be around 20 by 1 year, so we're right on track! Anywho, John called me on his first break just as I got in the car and was headed to the cemetery. I had looked online this morning and found that the cemetery was only 2 miles from the WIC office, so I thought I would look for Jordan's gravesite before I went back to the house. Our system was going to be down for work at 9:30, so I had some time to fill. It makes sense to me now though that the hospital I delivered Jordan at is a Catholic hospital and that religion recognizes an infant is life at conception. They hold a memorial service for the babies which were miscarried at St. Vincent's from the prior two months. The flowers were still on the gravemarker from the November 1 service.

Well, after leaving the cemetery my plan was to get my work done while Emma napped and then head over to Mom and Dad Sharbaugh's so that I could see some of John's side of the family. Emma fell asleep on the way home, so I thought surely that I wouldn't get a good nap out of her and that I'd have to break my work up into two parts. As soon as we got home I put her in her crib and thankfully she fell right to sleep. Like I said before, the work system was down so I was worried I wouldn't have any easy reports to transcribe. Sure enough, there weren't any doctors on the system I was familiar with. I prayed, "Lord, you're in control." As soon as I submitted my first report the hospital downloaded a ton of audio onto the system. Not only were there a lot of easy doctors, but I was able to submit all my work (my personal goal is $20/day--takes me 2 hours on a good day) JUST as Emma started making noises in her crib. Not only did I finish my work in Emma's nap, BUT I was able to do so in 1 hour and 45 minutes (I avg'd $13/hr--SWEET!) I got Emma up, we ate lunch, gave her a bath, and just as we were packing all our stuff up to go to Mom and Dad's, Julie called to make sure I remembered that today was Thursday when she was going to be in Brownsburg.

I know that it doesn't really seem like much, but when I'm at a time like this where I have NO CLUE what specifially God would have for my little family, it's nice to be gently reminded that He is always in control of my surroundings. What an amazing God that am I able to serve!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Highlights from the weekend

This is us happy after the Colts scored!

Well, the HIGHLIGHT of the weekend was being able to spend time with family. But, a close second was spending some of that time at Lucas Oil Stadium and seeing the Colts beat the Texans. SWEET! Oh, and we were on the goal line in the second section up from the field.

Also, my sweet darling Emerson decided she was going to ham it up at the restaurant during dinner. Too funny! I let her suck on my lemon and she got the classic "lemon face." Well, then she started just moving her mouth as close the lemon wedge as she could without actually getting any of the juice in her mouth. She would then quickly pull her head back and make the same face shaking her head. Not only that, but she would "coyly" look to the side to make sure everyone was watching her performance.
I'm sure there will be more to follow, but I'm pooped and off to bed. Have a good night!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where would you have us go, Lord?

Quite the concept to grasp. So many questions. So few answers. Now what? In perfect timing with regard to our questions, I came across this missions article:

"Called to a Field" by Bill Commons, Strategic Initiative and Research for ABWE missions agency. (for the entire article:

Is the call to missions geographic? Many missionaries speak of how God called them to their field. What about those who sense God moving them into missions, but who have never had a “call” to a particular field? Can someone be called to missions without having a specific location in mind?

Dedicated believers who desire to be missionaries can go through life without feeling called to a particular location. I wonder how many never “go” for this reason

It is often assumed that the missionary call is to a field. Without that specific certainty, the call might be questioned.

God calls to a vocation and leads to a location. The same principal that applies to pastors also applies to missionaries

As God reveals His purpose for strategic life investment, unreached peoples and places come into focus.
The Lord of the harvest is still calling disciples out of local churches to go to the nations with the gospel. He is leading them step by step to the people and place where they will serve.

This article obviously doesn't answer all of our questions. But it gives us assurance that a heart for missions is what we have and even though we don't know right now where God will place us, we can step forward knowing that He will show us the way. In the meantime, we are getting the house in selling condition. We are praying to get $115,000 for it. Other homes in our neighboorhood are listed for just above that, so it's not an unreasonable figure. We are also researching the locations and ESL opportunities in which we are interested in possibly pursuing (Mexico, Spain, China, and campus ministry to internationals in the US).

We are very thankful for those who have come alongside us, shared our enthusiasm, and encouraged us to pursue a life in missions. It will not be an easy road, but with God's grace we will move forward one step at a time.