Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A morning glimpse at faithfulness...

How's this for a faithful God? 

"Your offspring"- they still hadn't had children. 

"Afflicted in a foreign land"-God intimately knows our circumstances before they come to be. 

"Come out with great possessions"-a promise of redemption for His people.

Always giving His people the revelation they need (grace) and the ability to trust Him at His Word (more grace) regardless of their circumstances (which were designed by His grace)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

book review|Exploring Grace Together

Exploring Grace Together
Jessica Thompson

While I haven't actually gone throughout his book with my children, I am thankful to have it as a resource for our next set of devotional material.  There are forty topics and forty chapters. Each chapter begins with a primary bible verse, a short narrative describing a situation any young school-aged child might find himself or herself. The chapter then provides a few conversation-starting questions to help engage the listener with the text. Super practical from this parent's perspective.

My kids are currently three and six years old. While my youngest might be oblivious to heart motives, my six-year old could be fully engaged. I am looking forward to seeing grace transform my children (and my responses toward them) as we proceed with this relaxed, approachable study together as a family.

I received a copy of this book from Crossway for review.

Monday, March 17, 2014

book review|What Is Biblical Theology?

What Is Biblical Theology?  
James M. Hamilton Jr.

As I was first reading this book, I wasn't expecting all this talk of patterns and imagery and symbolism.  Guess I should have taken a look at the subtitle :)--"A Guide to the Bible's Story, Symbolism, and Pattern.  Once I realized this was the primary basis for the book, I was able to read with clear, focused eyes.  

I was given the opportunity to speak to a group of elementary students about the tabernacle God commanded the Israelites to construct multiple times in the Exodus wanderings.  Only by God's gracious providence that I could have that basis--specifically how the tabernacle points to Jesus--to open my eyes to the reality and connections we see throughout Scripture.

Seeing all of these connections, literally written from eternity past, fulfilled in Christ, giving us faith and hope that what is revealed about the future will truly come to pass is amazing.  This is a great resource and a fairly short read (128 pages).  Scripture has been made more alive to me as I see the following pictures within God's Word: tree/root/branch, the flood, the tabernacle/temple, feasts, and suffering to name a few.

This book helps the reader to see that God is big--bigger than we could comprehend.  We are so quick to become so egocentric and self-centered that we forget that there is a bigger story at play going on in the world around us.  The more we are able to see that God is big and man is small, the easier it is for us to look in an objective way at the circumstances we face.  Very practical when counseling others when their judgment is clouded with the emotions surrounding their situation.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

february quotes

Jackson:  Mama, You can't (indistinctive mumbling)
Mama: You can't marry someone you just met?
Jackson: Well, you can if it's true love.

Me:Jackson you're my favorite little boy. Am I your favorite mama?
Jackson: Yeah...and John is my favorite dad.

Jackson during bedtime prayers...
And thank You for my dad who is just a kid grown up.

Jackson: I am going to marry Addy.  And when I grow up I'm going to kiss her on he lips!
(He's even got the preacher lined up already)

There was a large bible with an artists depiction of Jesus' crucifixion. It showed Christ with arms outstretched and just a small wrap around his waist...Jackson was looking at it, "Um, dad, why is God not wearing any clothes?"

Jackson: Hey, Dad! I got a joke.
John: okay buddy, what's your joke?
Jackson: why did Spider-Man climb up the mountain?
Because he needed to watch a MOO-vie! Ha ha ha ha!
John: yep, that's hilarious (rolling eyes)
Jackson: Yeah, and funny.

After Jackson's bath today I pointed out his wrinkly fingers.... Oh no! Am I a papa now??!? 

Spring Teaser--Family walk to the park

52 week project...weeks 3-6

3/52 inside...  the last time I was with my little boy was when his daddy was holding him in the smallest casket I had ever seen.  standing graveside, I watched on as my brave husband set his body inside the still-cold May earth that day. Four years later, big sister still picks out a pink flower for her little brother. (Malachi was diagnosed with CHARGE and DiGeorge syndromes shortly after birth.  He fought for seven months before our Lord took Him home.)

my entry for week 4-joy.... 4/52 [joy] joy... peace in the midst of agony/sorry/heartache... peace that only comes from God... given when His people trust... trusting in Him--choosing faith even when LIFE doesn't make sense.

5|52 noise... newborn cry

6|52  www.recklesslyinspired.com I make keepsake necklaces for grieving family members who have lost children... who are now in paradise.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman? [pics]

It was finally warm enough to actually go out and ENJOY the snow...

the next few days will be full of puddles as we thaw out... thunderstorms will help with that too