Sunday, March 29, 2009

roll over... roll over... (video)

This is a video of Belle. We've (John has) been working with Belle on this trick for TWO days. What that pup will do for some table food, I tell ya!

One thing that's really kind of got me down this pregnancy is just how exhausted and fatigued I get and how easily it happens. So many days I just feel guilty for not "getting enough done." John tries to constantly remind me that my body is working VERY HARD right now and most of my energy is being spent chasing around our little 15-month-old bundle of energy and keeping her fed and occupied. The feeding part has been kind of frustrating lately simply because Emma will refuse foods that I KNOW she likes. It just drives me nuts!

I had planned to write a few lines about the book I just read (Multiple Blessings by Jon & Kate Gosselin). I really enjoyed the book and it kind of just outlined their first year with the sextuplets. I thought it was very honestly done and appreciated their ability to communicate the blessings as well as the struggles they experienced that first year. It's easy for me to think I need to have everything figured out here and now, forgetting that usually the most important things are those learned along the way when I don't have a clue what my next step should be. I'm thankful to have an amazing husband to share my life with and who will make all the "really hard decisions" for us ;)...

Thankfully, John spent most of yesterday cleaning our house and I'm thinking we'll get the rest taken care of today, but for now I need a nap!

Friday, March 20, 2009

foot stuck (video)

pretty self explanatory... stinkin' hilarious!

quick video

For those of you who get this in your e-mail (you might have to actually go to my website in order to watch the video. There was also a short video of emma doing a couple signs back in January.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

daddy grieves too

This is a poem that I found on a blog this morning while I was just going through friends' of friends' blogs. Wendi @ When I read this, I couldn't help but thing of John. He is an amazing man and wesas able to be there for me when no other person could have. In the event of miscarriage, though, it is easy to forget but necessary to remember that daddy is grieving too.

I am the daddy
I lost a baby too
You may not see my tears
You may not know of my brokenness
I am trying to hold my family together
I’m trying to comfort

I am the daddy
I patiently await wholeness in my family again
In those quiet moments I too consider the “what might have been’s”
I wipe tears from my face
He was my son too
I would have taken him fishing
To little league and to the fair
She was my daughter too
I would’ve sung songs to her
Twirled her above my head and indulged in princess tea parties
I may grieve differently, for I did not carry this baby inside of my body
But I carried this baby in my heart and mind

I am the daddy
I will always be the daddy
I hold her hand while she stares out the window
I hold her body while it shakes with sobs
I quiet the household while she rests
I love her with every fiber of my being
It shatters me to be so helpless
I want to take this pain away from her
I want to shield her
I want to see her smile again
Oh God, show me what to do!
Only you can bring the healing

Dear God:

You are the daddy
You will always be the daddy
You hold us while we weep
You comfort us beyond human capabilities
You are the ultimate healer
You give us the gift of time
You wipe away tears
This was not your plan, but that of one who steals and destroys
You grant us renewal
You shower us with love
You mercies are new every morning
Great is YOUR faithfulness

Emerson Update

Emerson Grace is now 10 days shy of being 15 months old. I really haven't posted any information about her since about 9 months, so here goes...

Right now her routine consists of waking up around 8 with milk and cereal for breakfast. I might start sneaking in some veggies at this time because she doesn't seem to be QUITE as picky right after she wakes up. After breakfast, she plays for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours with two kids shows on in the background and she is usually ready for another nap. After usually a good 1-1/2 of napping she's up and ready for lunch. For lunch, it's usually mac n' cheese or deli turkey with cheese cubes, a banana, and some yogurt. (The plain yogurt was cheaper for more ounces, so I went ahead and got it with the intention of adding our own fruit. I tried it plain and it's HORRIBLE!! Won't be doing that again!) Then she plays and snacks on dry cereal until about 3. Naptime from 3 to 4. Play for a little while before daddy gets home. Another snack. When daddy gets home, it's time for "Super Baby." Ideally, we have dinner around 5:30 or 6. A little bit more playing. Nighttime bottle at 7:30 and bed at 8!

Fun things we're working on:
Sign Language: Please. Thank you. More. Eat. All done. Sleepy. Baby. Pig. (we're also working on colors)

She LOVES reading her books. She likes the books with flaps to open and fun textures to feel. She especially likes the books with animals. She attempts sounds for cat-"mew", dog-panting, rooster-a rough "caw caw caw doo", pig-just does the sign, cow-"mmm" without opening her mouth

She knows to "kick kick" a soccer ball and will proceed to do so around the play room. She also knows which balls are basketballs and she will dunk them into the basketball hoop.

She likes to hug and kiss her baby dolls and her bunny. She has a little basket that she will put her baby "night night" when asked if the baby is sleepy.

She likes to spin in a circle and be really proud of herself for being able to do it. She would also rather run somewhere than walk.

That's about all I have for right now regarding my little girl. Her daddy and I love her to pieces and just love showing her off to anyone who will act as an audience!!