Friday, June 7, 2013

Kid quotes

Emma was suspiciously looking out of an opening in an outdoor playset. It was written on her face that she was debating jumping out to the ground...
John: Emma, what are you doing?
Emma: I want down. 
John: Use the ladder. 
Emma: That's just for getting up. 

Jackson was walking with his hands out in front of him doing the sign for "fish" and making it swim back and forth...
Mama: Jackson are you a fishy?
Jackson: I am not a fishy. I am being LIKE a fishy. 

Em and I are on the back patio...Jackson is still eating being super slow...the door is cracked. I hear from the kitchen, "I got my eye on you, mama!"

Emma had gotten a spoon for her cereal...
Jackson: I want a 'poon.
Mama: I'm getting you one.
Jackson: A 'poon? For me? My 'poon? My 'piderman 'poon? Tee hee hee.

Emma: I think it's hard for the justice league to eat...because there's always emergencies.

So the other day Emma was telling Jackson about something she was reading. In her prank book it showed a boy putting soap on his daddy's toothbrush.  Jackson chimed in, "if I do that I would get a correction!"