Tuesday, October 30, 2012

July pics

 Better late than never??? I may or may not go in and fill in the blanks.  For now, here are some pictures at least!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Brutal honesty

During papas presentation a slide came up with two men (papa being one of them), papa said "now these are two of the smartest people on earth." Emma confused said,"but it looks like you. "

Thursday, October 4, 2012


We were listening to Hannity recapping the debates this afternoon while driving to volleyball...

Radio (paraphrase):  Mitt Romney showed that he was confident and articulate...
Emma:  HEY! I know what 'reticulate' means!  It means to speak clearly and people can understand what you're saying.
Mama:  Yes, Emma.  That is what articulate means.  Good job!
Emma:  [Nods]... yeah, WordGirl  (show on pbs kids).
Mama:  Wow, she really helps us with our vocabulary doesn't she.
Emma:  Yep! AND she teaches us new words and tells us what they mean!


I (Marissa) climbed back into bed to snuggle with Emma for a bit after my shower. She scooted over to the end of her pillow and gently patted the empty spot on the pillow for me to lay my head. She began whispering softly, "The dentist is going to be awesome!"

Sneaky boy

Jackson is learning to be sneaky...

He put the rest of his cereal on a different plate and brought the bowl to me saying "gone" .... so that I would get him a snack.