Friday, January 9, 2009

Beginner's luck???

Okay, so the past couple of days Emma has been constipated. (Marissa, seriously, where is this going? Bare with me on this.) Due to the difficulty with the poo, it's pretty obvious for us to tell when she is going (or trying to go). So it made me think, now might be a good time to introduce a potty chair. From the straining to the time of poo evacuation is at least a minute, so there would be ample time to disrobe the baby and stick her on the chair. I'm definitely not going to be forcing my daughter to be potty trained by 18 months, but I at least would like her to be familiar with the idea of not relieving herself in her pants all the time.

Well, Emma got a Target gift card for Christmas from her Great Uncle Mike and Great Aunt Sue. We ran to Target and purchased Emma's first potty (she also got some bath toys). The one pictured isn't THE potty, but you get the idea.
John was caught up at work and they needed him to stay late, so I was trying to keep Emerson occupied enough so that she would stay awake until he got home. So I got chili started and simmering on the stove. Emma finished her dinner. So I decided to give her a bath before she took her bedtime bottle. I figured we'll be up in the bathroom and she'll be in her birthday suit anyway, might as well plop her on it and see how she reacts.

The seat is still a little too high for her and her feet couldn't touch the ground, so she used me for balance (her version doesn't have the handles on the side). I really didn't think anything would happen considering she hadn't been straining or anything of that regard, but sure enough when she decided to get off her potty, she had left a little number two behind.

Anywho, it was probably beginner's luck and I'm not going to force it. It was just crazy that she happened to actually use it for its primary purpose on the first try.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

apparently not "blogging."

So, December wasn't the best month for me as far as adding to this site. I really don't have an excuse, just laziness I suppose. Maybe January '09 will prove to be better.

I'm not really sure what the purpose of this blog will continue to be. For lack of any clear direction, I will probably just post random things happening to me and our little family.

For now, we are finishing up the house. It will hopefully be on the market at the end of January. We aren't in any particular HURRY to sell, sell, sell, but we do want to be debt free (which we will if we get anywhere close to market value) and able to move at any time. I requested some information from a few local realtors. We will see how it goes!

This is a picture of Emerson opening up gifts at Grandma and Grandpa Sharbaugh's house on Christmas Eve. Notice she is not wearing her cute outfit, but rather boy-looking pajamas. She pretty much spent most of the day in just socks and a diaper because of "accidents." John was the unfortunate one who picked her up not realizing she had blown out and it was slowly creeping up her backside. Good times. (By the time her b-day came around, she was pretty good at opening gifts!)

Okay, that's all. We're still all sick and hopefully John will be able to make it into work tomorrow. Poor guy. He got what Emerson and I are recovering from PLUS he caught something else at work on Monday. He's not doing so hot :(.