Sunday, August 18, 2013


Sounder (speaker)
Drinky (thirsty)
Funny frog sound: ribbit ribbit
Peter butter (peanut butter)
Proba'ly and actually are common words

Jackson was taking a while to eat his food so I zapped it quick again in the microwave... 
Jackson started crying: I don't want my breadstick hot. I just wanted it warm, but it's proba'ly hot"
Emma: What did he say? (I repeated it to her/she laughed)
Jackson: (through tears) it's proba'ly not funny.

Walking across campus at the conference Emma and I were recently at...
Mama: Emma, do you think you will want to be a missionary when your ow up?
Emma: I don't have to be grown up to be a missionary. I can tell people about Jesus when I'm little too!
Mama: I know but what about when you grow up? Do you want to go to another country or will you want to keep helping mommy and daddy tell people a lot Jesus at Iowa state?
Emma: Well, I think I will have to stay and help you two, until you guys can handle it by yourselves.

Jackson: 'Dog' starts with a B!
Mama: D-D-Dog. What letter says 'duh'.
Jackson: Oh! Dog starts with puppy! (Funny grin) puppy is not a letter. I just teasing! Dog starts with a D.

John was putting Jackson to bed.  As he was putting on his pajamas, Jackson announced, "I'm like a reindeer!"  Silence confusion ensued. John bravely inquired, "Um, what?"  "Yeah! Reindeers don't wear diapies either!"

Mama:  Sorry buddy, mama doesn't feel very well.
Jackson: (noticing an opportunity) oh, I'm sick too. Maybe I feel better with medicine...and superhero squad.

Jackson's look at church this morning...he wanted glasses so he could be Clark Kent.