Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

can I get an amen?

Emma was sitting with me during the prayer meeting on Sunday night.  Pastor was explaining to the congregation about a large payment the church would soon be making toward the remaining mortgage.  After going over it a couple of times, he said "I hope that makes sense.  Does anybody have any questions on that?

In the silence, Emma chimed in... "NOPE! I don't have any questions!"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

princess date

While on our princess date to dinner and a show (Disney on Ice--Princesses)

At dinner...
Mama: Emma, you are getting so grown up...
Emma: No, I'm just smarter than you!

From our parking spot to the arena, after I explained to her that our seats might be way up high...
Emma:  That's okay, Mama.  Even if I have to walk a lot, a lot of stairs and even if I get tired, I'll suck it in.
Mama:  [after taking a minute trying to figure out what she means]  oh,  you mean you'll suck it up?
Emma:  Yeah, I'll suck it up and keep climbing!

Before the show, while waiting in our seats...
Emma: [talking about rapunzel]  Oh! Maybe she will look and see me and think 'Hmm... Cute! I should cut my hair too!'

The show followed the stories of Tiana, then Cinderella, and then Rapunzel. During intermission (halfway through Cinderella)...
Emma:  I'm waiting for my favorite part.
Mama:  What's that?
Emma:  When they get married and we get to see Rapunzel!

After the show, while walking down a stairwell to our exit (well, actually it was the wrong exit, but still)...
I had explained to her how we couldn't really get any of the souvenirs because we spent all our money on the tickets to see the show.
Emma:  Oh. Yeah.  That's right.  Maybe we can just have Daddy go make more money for us.

(we had a great night, even though it was FREEZING outside.  The girl could not stop talking to her daddy about all that she saw.  Seeing her so full of joy made me so joyful that I really wasn't bothered by the fact that my incorrect exit caused me an extra 3 blocks of walking in the frigid temps!)

oh, the weather outside is frightful.

Mom, it's cold outside today.  We need coats for our legs.

(Yes, sweetie, I think they are called pants.)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

miss ar-teest

I set Emma up in our tub with her easel and some paint to do some painting with potentially easy cleanup.  I told her to use lots of paint, and smear it all around with her brush and scribble it!

"No mama, I don't want to scribble.  Scribbling is not fun!"