Thursday, March 13, 2014

february quotes

Jackson:  Mama, You can't (indistinctive mumbling)
Mama: You can't marry someone you just met?
Jackson: Well, you can if it's true love.

Me:Jackson you're my favorite little boy. Am I your favorite mama?
Jackson: Yeah...and John is my favorite dad.

Jackson during bedtime prayers...
And thank You for my dad who is just a kid grown up.

Jackson: I am going to marry Addy.  And when I grow up I'm going to kiss her on he lips!
(He's even got the preacher lined up already)

There was a large bible with an artists depiction of Jesus' crucifixion. It showed Christ with arms outstretched and just a small wrap around his waist...Jackson was looking at it, "Um, dad, why is God not wearing any clothes?"

Jackson: Hey, Dad! I got a joke.
John: okay buddy, what's your joke?
Jackson: why did Spider-Man climb up the mountain?
Because he needed to watch a MOO-vie! Ha ha ha ha!
John: yep, that's hilarious (rolling eyes)
Jackson: Yeah, and funny.

After Jackson's bath today I pointed out his wrinkly fingers.... Oh no! Am I a papa now??!? 

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