Thursday, March 13, 2014

52 week project...weeks 3-6

3/52 inside...  the last time I was with my little boy was when his daddy was holding him in the smallest casket I had ever seen.  standing graveside, I watched on as my brave husband set his body inside the still-cold May earth that day. Four years later, big sister still picks out a pink flower for her little brother. (Malachi was diagnosed with CHARGE and DiGeorge syndromes shortly after birth.  He fought for seven months before our Lord took Him home.)

my entry for week 4-joy.... 4/52 [joy] joy... peace in the midst of agony/sorry/heartache... peace that only comes from God... given when His people trust... trusting in Him--choosing faith even when LIFE doesn't make sense.

5|52 noise... newborn cry

6|52 I make keepsake necklaces for grieving family members who have lost children... who are now in paradise.

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