Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helpful hints for your guesses.

I realized I could probably include some further helps. If you've left
your guess already feel free to keep it OR if you'd like, place a new
one (which will simply then void the first prediction)...

--original due date thought to be 11/27.
--32wk ultrasound measured baby at 5lb and a few ounces.
--34wk belly was measuring 38cm
--36wk belly was back to 36cm with baby dropped and head down.
--I'm dilated to 1.5cm and at 50%

Emerson was 8lb 8oz at 39 weeks.
Malachi was sick and he was still 7lb 8oz at 39 weeks.


  1. you are so beautiful!
    im guessing Nov. 11th.
    wt. 7 lbs 7 oz
    ht. 19 1/2

  2. I didnt know we could guess a weight. Staying with Nov 12th and 19 inches for length and for wt..hmmm 8lbs 2oz

    Be blessed


  3. November 16th

    8 lbs 10 oz

    18.5 inches long (Ha, I had to look at what other people posted to know how long full term babies are...not 12 inches!)

  4. well this is my guess and this is my wish another boy for you healthy and happy this to me will compleat the picture nicely an angel girl in heaven a gorgous princess living an angel chi in heaving <3 and a sweet prince living i also say 8 kilos see if you can onveret that i was sick to and i was that as well according to mum imagie that i beleive 14 inches to xxxx

  5. Ok, this sounds cruel, but with the expected due date of 11/27, I think this one is keeping warm and cozy as long as possible. I'm going to say a Thanksgiving baby 11/25 weighting 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 21 inches. Praying for a safe delivery, we know love will be filling the room.

  6. I'll guess 11/17 9 pounds 21 inches

  7. Marissa!!! I have not followed blogs in SO long...I feel awful I haven't yet said congrats to you on this pregnancy! That's so exciting! Praise the Lord! And thanks for the link to those owl hats...amazingly adorable!!!!!