Wednesday, June 16, 2010


You have no idea who I am, nor I you, however Malachi brought us together. I am an aunt of an 8 month old CHARGE angel who earned his wings March of last year). My sister and brother in law asked for their community of support to pray for Malachi which is when I turned to your blog. I could not stop reading and learning about your sweet boy. Your family has been through a lot, but know that you are not alone. My nephew, Josh, and Malachi have taught me so many things in their short time than I have learned in my longer lifetime...mostly life is short so experience everything you can; love so much that it hurts; saying goodbye is ok, we will meet again; losing hurts, but the hurt turns to sweet memories that you can relive over and over; knowing everything these boys went through, I can do anything; and finally-they came into our lives for a purpose-to teach, to love, to leave. There is a reason, there is a higher being. All of these things and more were taught by such a little angel boy. You have no idea who I am, nor I you, but you are in my constant thoughts and prayers-miles away-that is an impact.

(Aunt to CHARGE angel Josh)

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