Wednesday, June 16, 2010


You are right, Malachi made a big impact on more people's lives than you will ever know. For me it was mainly to go give my little ones an extra little hug. I cannot tell you how many times I read Malachi's blog and then would just go cuddle my boys. Also, in the middle of the night when I have gotten up for the 10th time with my boys, Malachi came to mind often to remind me that it is a blessing to get up with these children and not a burden, well mostly you reminded me of that, Marissa. Our children are never burdens and each of them have a purpose. I wrote this blog post the day I learned that Malachi passed away. It can't even begin to describe the impact Malachi made on our family, but thought I would share. When we would pray as a family and my 3 year old would say please bless baby Malachi, it was priceless. Thanks for sharing his journey with us.


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