Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Visiting Grandparents

Emma absolutely adores spending time with her grandparents.  Thanks to the holidays and a year-end birthday to boot, Emma gets flooded with all kinds of presents this time of year making those visits even sweeter ;)... Jackson, I'm sure, will share her sentiments in the very near future.  Here are a couple snapshots from recent visits...
Grandma Kathy made it out to Indy a few times this holiday season.  Emma taught her a thing or two regarding my iPod.  (tracing letters with grandma)
Jackson loved having Grandma Kathy out to visit too...
actually, this is more like it... (quizzical looks and big smiles)

We also met Papa Russ and Grandma Karla halfway.  Jackson is a little less intimidating than Malachi, and he got LOTS of snuggle time.
Jackson with Papa Russ and Grandma Karla...
Hope to see everyone soon!

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  1. Times with grandparents are so special! My parents live in California, but they got to come for Christmas which was so much fun!