Wednesday, February 9, 2011

08: giftS from the heart

i couldn't decide which one i liked better, so i'm including both...

the first is the gift of selflessness... for whatever reason, it's been a hard week for me emotionally. my husband is amazing. truly amazing. for instance, today he worked a full day, came home (stopped to get me coffee--my machine is busted), let me nap to try and rid myself of this three-day headache, made dinner, played with the kids, AND then "ordered" me to take it easy while he:

this was my original idea for today's assignment... there is no greater gift from the heart than that of love.  my husband loves me unconditionally--through the good and the bad.  we've been through a lot of hard stuff  that most relationships don't survive.  ours has.  i think we're stronger for it.  we've witnessed God in ways that most never do.  i took this picture of my wedding/engagement rings (which i love) while jackson (our latest blessing) was laying on my lap wearing one of malachi's outfits.  my boys...

on days like today, i am even more thankful for John.  God has given him as a gift to me to be my strength here on earth when life seems overwhelming. i can't express my appreciation enough.  love you, babe.


  1. It sounds like you've got an amazing guy! That was very sweet of him to "order" you to rest.

  2. Amen to that! I think it is easy to take our spouse for granted, and after all you two have been through and have made it through so many tests of your relationship only to have come out stronger says so much. Great guy...but also great wife! ;)