Sunday, February 13, 2011

13: routine

Much of Jackson's (and there for mine) day revolves around his sleeping patterns. One thing I learned with emerson was that the more I try to force MY routine on my kids, the more they resist it. It's much less frustrating to follow a baby's cues and go from there. Not by my doing, he very quickly transitioned to getting up only once in the early morning to eat (and going right back to sleep when finished) to now he's beginning to sleep for a good 7 to 8-hour stretch and once again going right back to sleep. Praise God for a good eater and a good sleeper... Oh, and it also helps that I found him like this this morning: if only we could get his sister to stop sucking hers!

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  1. Great posts, such sweet pictures. It is amazing how much a picture can tell you without words.