Wednesday, February 23, 2011

V-day in pics

The card Emma handed out to people at church... she had a blast!
I love seeing that little girl make people smile ;)

My monkey with his monkey!

Ready for our family date!

My present (yay shutterfly credits!)

The view from my side of the table...

How Jackson spent dinner: 

Emma got the hang of the peanuts!

So this one's not from valentines day, but couldn't resist sharing it!!

Did you do anything special for Valentine's Day?


  1. LOVE!!!!

    Vday is almost never celebrated between my husband and I. We arent sour sports or anything its just vday 10 yrs ago we had our oldest daughter :) so she soaks it up that day. This year however I woke up to orange, pink, green and yellow roses and a card. He got me a Skillet t shirt bc its our fav band and I got him a shirt from that says Jesus saved my extra life. It was great! Other than that we spent the day at home baking a cake and celebrating our daughter.

    Be blessed


  2. Aww, totally love the last picture - that's so cute! I LOVE your card idea too - now that's really special! The mug is so nice. We spent Valentine's day with replacing our heating element in our oven. :( My surprise plans for making a pretty heart shaped cake for dessert didn't work out too well since I couldn't bake anything, but we did have a really late (but nice candlelite) dinner and a nice time together as a couple. :)