Monday, January 31, 2011

How can she be 3?

I can't even believe that Little Miss is three years old.  Three. Years. Old.  Our first born.  Our trial run...She's survived! Emma really is a great kid.  She definitely shows that she's a little sinner and God has used her in big ways to convict me in areas I hadn't really given much thought--patience, love...patience!

The girl talks up a storm..and you can actually understand her.  It's amazing to watch her grasp things and formulate ideas.  She loves to imagine.  She likes Dora, Diego, and WonderPets (thank you Netflix).  Oh, and she knows how to use netflix---and my iPod.  She can sing her ABCs, tell you the sounds of all the letters, and she's starting to figure out how words are formulated.  She can trace all her letters and knows how to write some of them (you know, the important ones: E-M-M-A)! She loves to make up stories.  She loves reading stories.  She loves listening to Daddy tell her stories each night. She likes to recount tales of "when I was a little girl..." or "but now that i'm growed up..."

She loves her baby dolls.  When asked by her Sunday School teacher what her favorite part of the new house is she replied, "Jackson."  I mean how adorable is that!? She was not intimidated by Malachi.  She saw her brother--past all the tubes and sensors and machines.  She knew immediately why there were six stockings hanging this Christmas instead of only four.  She still considers Jordan and Malachi part of our family...waiting for us in heaven.

I wish I was keeping better track of the things that come of out this girl's mouth.  She keeps John and I on our toes and laughing each and every day.  Thank you, Emma.  She's made it possible for this mama to move on from Malachi's death--looking forward to each day I have taking care of her... even if she never shuts up ;).

One of her many birthday "parties"...
(not complete without Dora, pink, and purple)
 a crown for the birthday princess...
(pretending to be bashful)
 knowing exactly what to do...
birthday pizza with mom and dad (on dora plates)...
the classic "hold-your-present-upside-down" picture...

Oh, how our lives would not be complete without this little girl!

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