Thursday, January 20, 2011


There was a video clip that I was hoping to share from the same time as this picture was taken, but blogger was taking too long to upload and my patience is pretty thin. The clip has Mr. Jackson laying on the ottoman smiling and cooing and kicking like crazy looking up at something on the ceiling. Watching that clip makes me thankful. I'm thankful that we have our baby home. With Malachi, we still had two more months in the hospital before bringing him home for the first time. Looking at the clip (and the pic below) also makes me thankful for no tubes, no ventilator, no trach, the ability to HEAR my baby...truly amazing!

I love you too, baby!

one of john's favorites... you know it's love when he still finds me beautiful with hair undone and no make up... i think it helps that I'm holding his beautiful babies...

lastly, funny story that needs to be shared because it happens more than I care to admit.  I have what google describes as "overactive letdown". Below is what happens when I;m not paying attention and forget to change my nursing pads frequently enough... yes, this wetspot formed while he was nursing on the other side.  It is most assuredly  from me and not a leaky diaper...
...doesn't seem to bother him though ;)


  1. blessings!!! he is very cute! and good news, he looks so plump and chubby - you definitely have this feeding program down well! Much love to you and your babies (and angels) are beautiful!

  2. He is so beautiful. He is changing his looks. He looks like his sister. You are all so beautiful.

    Be blessed


  3. Such cute pictures! I had to laugh at the milk spot--I dealt with the same thing!

  4. Wonderful pictures, and you by all means are appreciating every part of infancy with Jackson. The love is just literally pouring out!!! (I love that onsie too!)