Sunday, April 3, 2011

update in pics

Cuddling with his monkey.
Cuddling with his daddy.  Are you sensing a trend?

Sneak peek at the flooring in the main living areas (this was to be posted a while ago.. oops).
In the "study"... unpacking books.
This room will have four bookcases and the L-shaped desk with hutch :)
...and this is what the living room looked like.
Our little Herky (the hawkeye) doesn't seem to mind the mess...
 Loving this picture.
All ready to go for the Butler game!
Makes this mama happy.
the only section of wood flooring yet to be laid...
Okay, so the pile of totes and things yet to be unpacked are now in the study.
And I'm crazy giddy about this color scheme for our dining/living room and study... 
...crazy giddy.

Today was 50% off storewide at Goodwill and I scored this for 1.50 for my husband.  I'm sure we'll find a place for it... somewhere.


  1. Wow! Jackson really changed his looks! He looks just like his sister. Beautiful pics, beautiful kids, awesome house!!!!

    Be blessed

  2. Lots of progress! Love the floors...and the sweet smiling kids make it all the cozier!