Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CHARGE friends

Mr. Gannon here is a year older than our little man Malachi. His mama caught me in the hallway at Riley Children's Hospital in the first month or so of our stay there.  Visitors were very limited due to hospital policy during H1N1/flu season and the general visitor policy for the NICU.  Our company mostly consisted of other parents who were in the hospital with their little ones. I've been truly blessed to get to know this mama both in and out of the hospital. Gannon has definitely come a long way and still requires around-the-clock medical attention, but I absolutely loved watching him climb all over their living room furniture, signing "please", wanting to play with his big brother and Emma, stopping to pose with me for a picture, and waving to himself as we reviewed the pictures on the camera.  Every milestone is definitely a celebration with CHARGE kiddos and I love that Sara lets me kind of rejoice with her in the accomplishments of her Gannon!


  1. That is awesome that you guys were able to meet and get together again. It is nice to see him grow, and it allows you (with whatever emotions may come) to see what Malachi might be doing at that age.