Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gifts 26-50

26. For Gods written word.
27. That God is willing to endure the effect of sin on His creation so that more might be saved for eternity.
28. Gloomy rainy days.
29. Hearing Emma call me 'mama'.
30. That the design of marriage reflects that of Christ and the church.
31. Emma's memories of Chi, even though she was only two (as long as they last anyway) .
32. Johns selflessness toward me.
33. That John doesn't allow me to wallow in self pity.
34. Friends to sit with at CARE.
35. That John finds me very attractive.
36. Hives, and the humility it brings before an awesome God.
37. Listening to John's tales of Princess Emma before bedtime.
38. Bookcases filled with books.
39. The ability to smile after facing death--knowing Christ conquered the grave.
40. Comments people make on the blog.
41. Knowing that Jackson can see his mama.
42. A sleeping baby and preschooler--at the same time.
43. No more subfloors! All rooms are now functional/livable.
44. Reminders of Malachi (even though I have to choose gratitude)
45. Emma's imagination and referring to us  as King John and Queen Marissa.
46. The flexibility of being a stay-at-home wife.
47. A God-given desire for adventure--possibly China?
48. Warm Spring air.
49. Machines to aid with washing clothes and dishes.
50. That tears tend to help with the pain.

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  1. On my list?
    People like you, that I may have never met face to face but feel like we have been friends forever and glad to be on this journey with you.