Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm assuming that even seeing the title of this post has you humming the catchy tune and envisioning Aretha belting it out.  Not only was "RESPECT" made a hit in 1967 and solidifying Franklin's status in the R&B movement, but it quickly became an anthem song for the feminist movement. 

What many of us don't realize is that the lyrics were actually written by a man as a plea for recognition and respect from his lady.  Who knew right?  I am honored and privileged to try to fulfill this role of wife to John, commanded to love and respect him and all he does for me and our family. I'm still learning.  It takes work to move my focus from me to him.  It's hard and sometimes unpleasant--mostly because I'm a sinner.  Thankfully, God's not done with me yet.

So... here you have it.  The original lyrics by Otis Redding 1965:
What you want Honey you've got it
And what you need Baby you've got it

All I'm asking Is for a little respect when I come home

Do me wrong Honey if you wanna
You can do me wrong Honey while I am gone

But all I'm asking for Is for a little respect when I come home

Hey little girl, you're so sweeter than honey
And I am about to just give you all my money

But all I'm asking, hey Is a little respect when I come home

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  1. jsut a little bit jsut a little bit oh ya got me singing it now LOL and i thought was origonaly by aretha hmmmmmmmmmm mum has it and she we also have lots of gosple sutff here