Friday, June 24, 2011

Q & A

Q. Why did mommy marry daddy?
A.  Because he's AWESOME!

Q. Why does mommy make dinner?
A. Because she loves us.
     Q. Why does daddy NOT make dinner?
     A. Because you [daddy] love me... and mommy makes it best.

Q. What's your favorite bedtime story?
A.  Bear snores on.  {John and I like this one too!}

Q. Who is a better driver?
A.  Daddy because he drives all of us.

Q. What kind of college do you want to go to?
A. A real one.

Q. What places do you want to visit?
A.  China...Disney to see the princesses... and heaven!

Q. What kind of food do cows give us?

Q. What's mommy's favorite drink?
A.  Caramel latte. {good answer}
     Q. What's daddy's favorite drink?
     A.  Mt. Dew. {also a good answer}

Q. Where does milk come from?
A.  Black and white cows.
     Q. Where does pink milk come from? {that's what we call strawberry milk}
     A. Daddy!

Q. Where do you punch daddy?
A.  In the booty. {she really does just run by and punch his butt}

Emma: First, I'm going to get married and then have two babies in my belly at the same time!
Q.  Who are you going to marry?
A.  My husband.

Q.  What do you like to do with mommy?
A.  Chill out... and go to the pool... and have a good day.
     Q.  ...and daddy?
     A.  fight and wrassle! {wrestle}

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  1. The Chik-fi-la answer is too funny!