Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jackson 7 months!

As much as I hate to admit it, baby boy is growing up.  In no particular order, these are some of the things I'd like to remember about the more recent events of the last seven months...

First and foremost, he has settled into the most AMAZING sleeping routine.  Emma got to this point when I stopped forcing it, so I kinda tried to not force anything with Jackson to begin with.  I've been hesitant to share this with too many people solely due to the fact that when I say it, it will be no more.  I'm still going back and forth as I type this.... okay, here goes... get this! He's sleeping from like 8:30p-8:00a (I know, right)... AND two  2-3hr naps during the day... TWO!  The past week, for the majority of the day, I've only had to take care of one kid at a time--kinda weird, but kinda nice.  Okay, moving on...

Baby is tipping the scales at 19 pounds, but I don't think he's going to be packing on the pounds anytime soon because he spends quite a bit of his time in his walker running like mad all over the place.  He's definitely intentional about where he wants to go and knows that if he is at a dead end, to go back a few steps before trying to maneuver a different direction.  If he's awake when John gets home from work, he's been the first to greet daddy at the door!

He's found a new and exciting way to use his paci--yep, the whole thing is in his mouth!

And when the paci is unavailable... he's not at a complete loss!

Kind of hard to tell from the picture, but he had TWO TEETH pop through a few weeks ago.  Of note, he is also eating two full jars of baby food (peas/beans/sweet potatoes/carrots/etc. with oatmeal--much cleaner) a day and nursing three to four times a day.  He also REALLY likes that he can eat rice husk treats by himself.

Our latest weekly picture...

Little man has already had his first official haircut (I used John's beard trimmer) and looking pretty spiffy, although he's still pretty much a fuzzball. Seriously, I feel like people pet him it's so soft and fine.  I also wanted to include this picture.  I rescued him from his crying after naptime the other day only to find this suctioned to his cheek. 

I took a couple pics today of him getting SO close to crawling.  He can kinda-sorta scoot himself backwards, but nothing as intentional as moving around in his walker, that's for sure.... Mama's not ready for you to be all growed up, little one.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I've passed out from the cuteness. :)