Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gifts # 51-75

51. Warm Spring air.
52. Machines to aid with washing clothes and dishes.
53. That tears tend to help with the pain.
54. That heaven is constantly on my mind.
55. Contagious laughter between a 5-month old and a 3-year old.
56. Hot, HOT showers.
57. *Malachi was delivered at a hospital with a NICU.
58. *Malachi's breathing issues were immediately discovered--and attended to.
59. *My post-delivery complications made for less "bleeding" issues in the ensuing days.
60. *Doc released me from hospital the same day Chi was transferred to the children's hospital across town--just a day after delivery (even though I would have warranted a bit longer of a stay with my complications).
61. *That I was unaware of Chi's issues while he was in utero. I would have just worried.
62. A call from John to share an embarrassing moment he had with me.
63. A simple message from a friend reminding me I am not alone.
64. A "small" group gathering for lunch.
65. A husband's willingness to take over a chore of mine unexpectedly.
66. The chance to fellowship with another young mom while filling vacant nursery slot.
67. An invite from friends for Memorial Day lunch.
68. Looking ahead to a short-time missions trip to China.
69. Free book.s
70. Jackson clicing to me as I carry him.
71. Cool mornings outside with the kids.
72. Air conditioning!
73. Finding a four-leaf clover.
74. Emma putting herself down for a nap.
75. Friends willing to watch kids for a couple hours so we can have a date.

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