Wednesday, June 8, 2011

in my absence...

So, it's been a while. Blogging has become an outlet of sorts for me and I miss it.  I have lots I want to share, yet my mind has been jumbled mush as of late to put together enough words to make sense of my thoughts.  Well, that and sometimes it's just been easier to not think about life.  I know, awful, right?  Because I can't formulate my thoughts into coherent strings of sentences, you get pictures.  The fruit of my busy-ness.  My distractions from grief for the last few weeks... enjoy!  (I'd love to hear any feedback... comments make me happy)

the study is somewhat put together... 
no heaping pile to sort through in the middle of the room at least!

view from the study to the entry way
(many a tote has been removed from this area)

the final set of undercabinet lighting installed in the kitchen

things up on the wall in the kitchen
there is also a little "coffee station" in the corner I failed to take a pic of

message board hung (will pretty it up later)

curtains made and installed.

gallery wall begun (frames still need filled and they will be leveled AFTER the filling--not doing that job twice!)

shelving fixed and more curtains made/installed

furniture rearranged for more open layout

tops of bookshelves are STARTING to take shape

area for emma to hang her jacket/swimsuit/etc

still needs filled, but the mirror thing is up

1/2 bath finished painting and new fixtures installed

jackson zips around in his walker now, so i covered up all the pretty colored bottles of cleaner under the sink with a curtain

old futon covered in outdoor fabric and patio tiles laid

john is ripping up horribly laid bricks to start new patio

john prettied up the hole in the middle of our yard with a firepit

stair rail painted and reinstalled

curtains made and installed in the loft

jackson's clothes sorted--new sizes unpacked, outgrown stuff put away

corkboard thing up in emma's room

place to hang bags of groups of toys with lots of pieces

dollhouse we put together for her for christmas, finally up on the wall

there are a few other things around here i think i've taken care of, but failed to take pictures of... i'm also proud to say that all the laundry is clean (not quite folded and put away) and my sink is only 1/2 full of dishes, and both kids are sleeping... not bad, not bad.


  1. I love it! You have certainly been a busy bee! I bet it feels great to have things back in order! Loving the color throughout - what brand/color is that? I am thinking of painting the master bedroom for more of a "retreat" feeling - ideas? We too have to do something with our backyard.

    Hope you are doing well otherwise - thank for sharing the pictures.

  2. Isn't it amazing how we can get so much done in times of deep thought and stress, I'm sure it was a great outlet for you, and you did a magnificent job. The colors are so regal and still have a welcoming "I'm home!" feeling. Every kitchen needs a coffee station, glad it wasn't left out, just picture not taken! ;)