Thursday, March 8, 2012

relearning hope.

“Secular optimists are wishful thinkers…  Sometimes they capitalize on optimism by becoming rich and famous, but then what happens?  They eventually get old or sick, and when they die they go to Hell forever.  Their optimism is an illusion, for it fails to take eternity into account.

The only proper foundation for optimism is the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  Any other foundation is sand, not rock.  It will not bear the weight of our eternity.  However, if we build our lives on the redemptive work of Christ, we should all be optimists.

Why?  Because even our most painful experience in life is but a temporary setback.  Our pain and suffering may or may not be relieved in this life, but they will certainly be relieved in the next…  No Christian should be a pessimist.”  Randy Alcorn, Heaven.

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