Monday, March 7, 2011

Part of my story

Reinhold and Hulda (Krueger) Eisenbeis -- my great-grandparents!

He was born on October 27, 1897 in Bessarabia, South Russia and died around Thanksgiving in 1985.  She  was born on February 20, 1903 in North Dakota and died on October 31, 1979.

I would so love to delve into my ancestry and learn the ins and outs of past relatives.  What did these people do for a living? How did they raise their kids? What did they do for fun?  What brought my great-grandfather to America from South Russia??  How old was he? What was the trip like?  Were they Christians?

Oh, and did you catch his birthdate? 10-27, same as Malachi.

(thanks Aunt Kim for the pic and Great Aunt Karen for the info!)


  1. Those are my great-grandparents, too! I don't think I've ever seen that picture. I have an acestory book my grandma gave me from a family reunion. I think it may include some info about why the family left South Russia. I'll look.

    I wish I could have met them. Grandma has lots of great stories about them and about growing up on the farm in North Dakota. He died just a few weeks before I was born!

  2. Very interesting. I tried to get into some ancestry stuff a while back, but it can get tricky. I know you could find a lot of interesting things though! Great picture!

  3. Marissa there is a story about your great-grandpa Eisenbeis having polio. He was on a ship from Russia to Germany and his mother had to take him down below for the entire passage because nobody knew if polio was contagious. There was talk of throwing him overboard. At least that is what I remember my mom telling me. Aunt Shirley or Aunt Joyce would know for sure.