Friday, March 11, 2011

Asking for Forgiveness

I cheated.  Will you forgive me?  All those pictures in the last post....  They were Emerson.  It seems like lately all the pics I've been putting up were Jackson (because seriously, does it get any cuter?!!?).  Now that I'm writing this, I think it's because he just looks like one of us.  He belongs to this Sharbaugh family.  Him, Malachi, Jordan, and Emma--they are ours. 

Correction.  They are God's.  We've been blessed to be their providers and protectors, to grow and to nurture them.  All the while praying we don't screw it up, but more importantly that they will see Christ in myself and John and desire to have that as well.  Two of my kids are safely home.  How much more will I have to pray and work in my role as mama to see to it that Em and J will get there too.

Some of you who follow this blog are good friends.  Some family.  Some acquaintances.  Quite frankly, some complete strangers.  My goal is two-fold.  1. Show others the reality of Jesus in our life--the good and the hard.  and 2. Make known to all that we Sharbaugh's make ADORABLE children ;) 


  1. Initial reaction--jaw drop, then smile and laughter. You are always keeping me on my toes! Yes those Sharbaugh children are adorable! And you have helped me open my eyes and heart further to worshiping our Lord. Thank you!

  2. Haha, now I don't feel so dumb for telling you "They all look like Emma to me." ;)

  3. well my vision isnt that bad coz it all looked like emma to me LOL i love u