Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gifts #1-26

My goal is to keep adding to this list and reach #1,000. Praying God uses this in my life to cultivate an "attitude of gratitude".

1. My husband John. My strength when life seems unbearable.
2. Living children:
         Emerson Grace. (Gift of a firstborn daughter. John's princess.)
         Jackson Nehemiah. (Gift of life after death.)
3. Jordan-miscarried at 13 weeks. This opened the door to many relationships within my church family and started preparing me for Malachi.
4. Malachi Stephen. A lesson on God's goodness, faithfulness, and truth.
5. Free gift of salvation. My eternal destination has been sealed. Rewards to come.
6. A warm house (woke up to 0* this morning).
7. A baby's giggles.
8. A break from the frigid air... a welcomed 65*.
9. My new iPad.
10. A bigger than expected tax return.
11. Dates set to visit family in Florida.
12. Assurance that I WILL hold Malachi--although probably not as a baby.
13. That blogging will help me to remember these foggy days.
14. That my children have parents who love them.
15. That my children have parents who truly love one another.
16. That joy comes in the morning, no matter how long the night lasts.
17. That my God knows exactly what it's like to watch your son die.
18. That I am not alone in this battle.
19. That God has bigger plans for me than I can dream on my own.
20. That I can be thankful while nursing a sick husband, toddler, and baby back to health that this is temporary for them. This is cold season; this is not a combination of fatal complications.
21. A smile on Jackson's face even after coughing up a lung.
22. That spring is coming. Chi's gravesite isn't cold and dead.
23. That Jackson would rather play with my hands than any toy I put before him.
24. That I feel safe in johns arms.
25. That I long for heaven. I ache to see a perfect Malachi.
26. For Gods written word.

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