Saturday, March 5, 2011

meeting dora

i love living this close to indianapolis... if i'm correct, we've got the largest children's museum in the country. on this very special day, emma got to meet... DORA!

dinosaur exhibit from above... pretty cool.

Jackson thrilled sleeping.

Pirate Piggy Ship  
(Joy, do you think she looks like Edan here?)

What's a Dora exhibit without a map?!?

Diego and Baby Jaguar

Of all things, Emma wanted to go to the reading corner.  
The books weren't even Dora-related.
Once again, Jackson sleeping.

Driving the spaceship.

Exploring Purple Planet

Pretty cute astronaut, eh?

The tree sucked up the acorns... or something.

Daddy showed her a cool trick of how to more effectively transport the acorns.

A girl after her Mama's heart.  
Instead of walking the runway, she was crazily more eager to get behind the camera.

They currently have a Barbie exhibit now, too.

And we ended our trip with Jackson.... still sleeping.


  1. LOVE the pictures, Marissa! :D
    Looks like you guys had fun!!!

  2. It looks like a fun day! We've been there once, but it was a long time ago. My kids are older now, but they still love children's museums! We go to one in Ft. Wayne called Science Central that is really cool.

    I think my favorite of your pictures is the one of her behind the camera!