Friday, March 25, 2011

10 months...

We brought flowers to the gravesite today. He definitely has the coolest tombstone in the cemetery that's for sure. When we pulled up, Emma asked to verify that just malachis body was here, but that he's really in heaven. She then walked right up to his grave and started talking as if he were right in front of her. "I miss you little buddy...". It's true. Malachi is very missed.

Over the past ten months, some have tried to console us by saying that Malachi is now an angel or he has 'earned his wings'. I understand that it may just be a platitude, or something nice to stay, but it's not true. I will explain what I mean more in depth later, but I do find comfort in knowing from Gods Word that Malachi is safe and no longer hurting.

The day has brought a sense of uneasiness, headaches, stomachaches, and even some hives. Hoping it passes quickly. Trying to think on the good things and spending time with our family that remains.


  1. We love you guys! Will be praying for you over the next few weeks...