Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Shepherd, Take This Little Child

A couple weeks ago, this was one of the hymns that we sang during the evening about a tear jerker.

Good Shepherd, take this little child into Your loving hands;
And in the days that lie ahead, protect this little lamb.

Good Shepherd, we commit ourselves in everything we do.
To by Your family here on earth and love this child for You.

Good Shepherd, now we place this child into Your gentle trust;
This precious gift we give to You is one You've given us.


  1. great pics and great song love to you and ur fam

  2. Tears for you, my friend! So glad that He is a good Shepherd.

  3. I never saw the picture of all four of you, it's so great!

  4. We love you and miss you guys! The picture is precious. I'll be praying for you especially during this month.

  5. sending prayers to you Marissa & family
    ~Sara Steiner

  6. Beautiful pictures, I am so glad you have a picture of the 4 of you together. Wonderful song too. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

  7. Tears of sadness, Tears of joy as I read Johns blog . I Thank God for special families and special little people like Chi who remind us that we will be with him someday in heaven and what glory that will be ! My prayers are with you all .
    Sherri Engel