Wednesday, October 20, 2010

34 weeks...

 The quick stats:
BP: 118/70
weight: 185 (total gain of 30/up 2 from 32-week visit)
abdomen: 38 cm (yep, now measuring FOUR WEEKS ahead)
baby HR: 150
baby activity: TONS of consistent movement. daily bouts of hiccups.

*easy way to avoid the double-chin look: place the camera in front of your ENTIRE face when taking a pic of yourself in the mirror ;)


  1. You know people like you lol! You get pregnant in the belly only, makes me so sick. I got pregnant in my face, arms, chins, butt, legs and maybe a tiny belly, NO Fair!! lol. In all seriousness though my gosh you look fabulous. Be blessed

  2. You look beautiful! Definitely all baby! Enjoy those hiccups, I would sit there and smile through them all the time. Keeping a safe delivery for you and baby in my prayers.