Monday, October 4, 2010

32 weeks....

Nevermind the looks on my face during these photos... I didn't want to take the time to photoshop them to at least draw more attention to the belly... As you can see by the first photo, I slump and slouch.  There is too much in front now and I'm too weak to battle gravity!
I still have 6-8 more week of protrusion ahead of me.... really!??!
The quick stats:BP: 118/73
weight: 183 (total gain of 28/up 3 from 30-week visit)
abdomen: not measured
baby HR: 125
baby activity: TONS of consistent movement.
baby size:  5 pounds! (give or take)  and measuring two weeks ahead of schedule.

Here's a sneak peek of baby...


  1. cute shirt

  2. You look a little like I did at 32 weeks - better watch out! :) Totally carrying like a boy, for sure!

  3. You look beautiful! Be blessed!!

  4. You look wonderful! All baby! I am so excited for you, and love hearing that there is so much movement...enjoy every kick, punch, and twist that baby gives you!

  5. You look adorable! And how cool to see part of the baby's face! So cute!

  6. With each of mine I measured them with a string at the very end and Joelle's string was a couple inches longer.

  7. Love the pictures! So excited for you and John! You look adorable. Thinking and Praying for all of you =)