Friday, August 6, 2010

Just the Dark Before the Morning

Do you wonder why you have to feel the things that hurt you. If there's a God who loves you, where is He now? Maybe, there are things you can't see and all those things are happening to bring a better ending. Some day, some how, you'll see.

Would you dare to believe that you still have a reason to sing. Because the pain you've been feeling can't compare to the joy that's coming. So hold on, you got to wait for the light. Press on and just fight the good fight. Because the pain you've been feeling, it's just the dark before the morning.

I was looking up the lyrics for this song (Josh Wilson--Before the Morning) because I wanted to include them on this blog. In doing so, I came across a short video that was done in regard to the meaning behind the story. It reminded me of a few of the miracles we were able to witness in Chi's short life. Head over to to his site and check it out if you have a few minutes.

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  1. Every time I hear that song I think of Malachi. I kid you not! Hugs!!!

    Be blessed