Friday, October 14, 2011

a week without parents.

So John and I had a premature getaway for our 5-year wedding anniversary last week (December 16, so only a few MONTHS early).  With that, also came lining up childcare for the little ones and trying to put their "normal" down on paper for grandparents.  I figured, I might want to remember the "simplicity" that I experience today when I'm completely running like a chicken with my head cut off a few years down the road when Emma is actually involved in things of her own. I need to remember to keep that in perspective. 

So here's their "normal." (You know, when you take my vball schedule and church activities out of the equation)

Even since this was made for LAST WEEK, Jackson is already working on dropping his morning nap AND switching from formula to whole milk AND dropping the baby food AND almost walking. SLOW DOWN, BABY KING! (Baby King is a nickname affectionately given to him by our youth group teens). 

Looking back at the handout I left with the grandparents, here are some other interesting thoughts I might want to remember one day...

"Food:  Only give Jackson little things at a time.  He will continually shove food in his mouth even if he’s choking. During his morning bottle, he might drink 4oz, play for a little while and then you will have to practically force him to finish later before morning nap."

**Jackson will pull down anything within his reach on coffee tables, etc.  He also is becoming more interested in the stairs.**

Things to do:  Craft stuff (construction paper, markers, coloring books, paint)  and Play-Doh ...When Jackson is sleeping, I usually let Emma do puzzles and her doll stuff (little pieces) so he doesn’t get into them.  Lately, I’ve just been doing a Signing Time DVD or you could do Dora Netflix for 30-40 min in the afternoon while Jackson sleeps. Otherwise, TV is generally off.  Please wait to have the TV on until kids are asleep.  Emma picks up on way too much to even have it on in the background.  But then feel free to do Netflix or whatever is on after they go to bed.  John made it so that the TV and PS3 are all you will need to watch anything.  Also, the kids love playing at the play table in the front room.  Emma likes to “entertain guests” in her kitchen upstairs in her room too.  Reading books.  Catechism Q&As“School stuff” on table in loft.

(we also included insurance/doctor information, contact information, and other places the kids like to go)

What kind of instructions do you leave for "long-term" childcare? 

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