Saturday, October 29, 2011

my day today

I was curious to see what I actually accomplish on a "regular" day.  Most days I feel like we don't really get much done around here.  I was pleasantly surprised...

Get up, shower
Emma up, change clothes, check temp--no fever!
Jackson up, change diaper, change clothes
Dry hair
Make his bottle, her breakfast, my coffee
Empty trash
Put Jackson by toys
Start load of rags
Console Jackson bc he escaped and pinched finger in pantry door
Check email, reply to a few, star some for later
Wipe snotty noses
Start tidying front room. 
Read book to Jackson
Get on emma for not being done with breakfast yet. 
Smell pretty flowers on either end of our main floor
straighten unused book bags. 
Put on little house on the prairie season 1--lazy day for the sicky
Snuggle Jackson while he finishes his bottle
Put baby down for a nap. 
Get back to picking up study/living room/kitchen
Go up and rescue jackson.  Cuddle him to sleep. He wakes as soon as I put him down, stands up, and signs all done
Let Jackson cry more, continue cleaning 10 min
Rescue Jackson for good. Put him in study. Notice his signing diaper and all done...sure enough as I got within 10 ft, I could smell why he was all done
Change said diaper
Took remote from Jackson
Took controller from Jackson
Took iPad from Jackson
He begins crouching to look under furniture for things to grab. 
Tell jackson to stop messing with DVD cases at the tv before he gets hurt.
Jackson falls over and hits both the tv stand and floor on the way down
Console hurting baby
Sweep floors
Apologize to Emma and console her for bonking her on head while sweeping
Make lunch
Work on signs with baby..more, please, thank you, all done 
Cuddle Jackson in the rocker and put him down for a nap. 
Sit patiently at the table while Emma talks instead of eating her food.
Empty dryer, towels still wet turned dryer on. 
Empty dryer, Move rags to dryer. 
Pretend to ignore Jackson banging his crib against the wall upstairs
Begin clearing kitchen table and counters. 
Load dishwasher
Switch lamp and bookcase, return things to their shelves
Fix curtain length
Put Emma to bed for a nap, told her to try for 10 more minutes (this usually works). 10 min later, I found her walking around. Back to bed for 10 more minutes
Both kids up
More curtains hung
Treat for the kiddos
Is John home yet?
Pick up kids toys in study
Disc two little house
Take remote, remote, and controller away from Jackson.
Console crazy upset baby
Pack up and meet daddy at chik-fil-a for dinner (under $5 for 3 chicken sandwiches, large fry, choc milk, and a soda!)

Lesson learned:  All the little things I do around here really do add up.  I didn't even do school or anything like that with Emma today since she's been sick, so many days its even more jam-packed!

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  1. I'm so excited about the $5 meal, how is that even possible?! : )