Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Grandma's Remembrance.

Copied from Facebook...

Teri Hubble Sharbaugh My heart is often touched as I see him smile at me from the picture on my livingroom wall. Many times a thought of Malachi brings a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, but as I pondered his approaching birthday, God gave me some new insights.

I thought of how thrilled Malachi must be now when he realizes that, because of his parents commitment to God during his brief time on earth, his life with all its struggles has brought glory to God (as well as encouragement to many individuals in their walk with God.) I'm positive that, as he lives in God's presence now, he is truly thankful for his parents and their part in that. Without their testimony of trust in their Savior, Malachi's effect on others could not have been so far-reaching.

Surely, Malachi is now rejoicing with others in glory and thankful to God for putting him in just the right family. And I believe that, if he could talk to us today on his birthday, he would invite all those he left behind to rejoice with him until we join him up in heaven. Perhaps at that time we'll think less of what Malachi missed in life and more about what we've been missing in heaven. So until that reunion time, with God's help, I want to choose to remember my little grandson with joy and continue to praise God that He shared him with us for seven months.

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