Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little Man; Big Impact

Most of this is a repost from last summer, but here we are a year later.  Many people have already been very encouraging to us as we begin today--the One Year Anniversary of saying our temporary good-byes to Malachi.  If anyone is willing, we would love to hear any and all ways that you were impacted by Malachi's life and death.  Please read on if interested.  (Sidenote: If you do send us your "Little Man; Big Impact" story, please don't refer to Malachi as our angel.  He's not an angel.  He is a man, like God created him to be--THANKS!)

Okay, friends and strangers alike who have followed us for the last seven months of our lives. I need your help and I need your input. John and I know in our hearts that Malachi's life, death, and eternal life were "worth it," but we would also like to know with our minds the tangible ways in which that played out. Here's where you come in.

If our journey has impacted or influenced you in ANY way, please e-mail me at marissasharbaugh(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject heading "Malachi". It doesn't matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you, to us it will mean everything. Really, it can be anything!

Also, please note in your e-mail if it would be okay for me to use your story either on this blog or in scrapbooks that I plan to make in memory of our little man. If they are used in either of these ways and names are mentioned, I will change them out of respect to your privacy. Again, these will only be used with your permission. So just let us know!

Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing and sharing with you how our son's short time here on earth made a great impact on eternity.

**Edited to add**
Also, if you are okay with me using your story, please include your age and state where you live if that's alright! Thank you so much!

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