Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am Mommy to another CHARGE child, Gannon who is 2 years old.  He's had some significant struggles in his short lifetime.  Because of Malachi, every triumph is even more sweeter than I appreciated with my other children.  And after seeing what a fighter Malachi was and the short life that he led, my baby's milestones are cherished even more.  Just to have Gannon here on earth with us is an accomplishment.  To know that Malachi isn't able to be here with us everyday makes me cherish each waking morning with my baby even more too.  I am more thankful to have what John and Marissa weren't able to have with a CHARGE baby.  Part of me feels like I owe it to them and Malachi to be more gracious for the joys I have with Gannon including just having him around, even though our days are not always at home; instead, spending them very ill at the hospital.  Amazingly, through the dark days, you can still find the good.  So, Malachi, thank you for the part you played in making me realize how even more special our lives are.  You will never be forgotten by me.
Age 32, Indianapolis, IN

Thanks Sara!  
Here's a pic from a couple of months ago when I went to visit Mr. Gannon...

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