Sunday, May 15, 2011

K-Love Contest Entry

How to put this into 250 words...

My faith was made real October 27, 2009. That was the day our Malachi made his debut into this world and wasn’t breathing. He was quickly taken to NICU. Due to complications of my own, my husband not only witnessed our son being whisked away, but he was left with frenzied medical staff wondering if he’d lose his wife and newborn son in the same day.  

The ensuing days consisted of team after team of doctors bringing more and more news of further medical abnormalities regarding our son (CHARGE syndrome).  Nearly every major system was affected, but the most pressing issues included his heart and airway.  He underwent major airway surgery on day three.  After a 12-day recovery, he underwent open heart surgery.

Throughout Malachi’s hospitalization, I meditated on the fact that God is Good, Faithful, and True.  My faith was made real each day as I experienced peace that can only come from God—that which passes ALL understanding.  After watching Malachi fight for his life every day for seven months, we buried our little boy.  May 25th will mark one year without him in our lives. 

We often admit that our strength was depleted the minute we saw Malachi struggling for his first breath. From then on, our strength has come from God alone.  On day two, I wrote: We are really excited to see “What is Malachi going to be able to do for God and His glory?” God has used our little man for His glory.


  1. Didn't think it could be put into 250 words, but WOW! He has given you 250 perfect words...

    Praying hard for you these next few weeks!