Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doctors and more doctors...

Well, in the past week we've had three trips to the doctor's office or emergency room. Unfortunately, only one of them was scheduled.

I had my 30-week OB visit. Stats are as follows:

BP: 122/70
weight: 180 (total gain of 25/up 2 from 28-week visit)
abdomen: 30 cm (right on target)
baby HR: 130 and strong
baby activity: TONS of consistent movement. (still planting himself on the right side with lots of hiccups as of late)

A little scarier visit was last Thursday. My father-in-law had another heart attack. He was feeling kind of funny, hoping it was just indigestion. Thankfully, they decided to head to the hospital when they did. Upon arrival, they proceeded to go ahead with a heart cath to get a more accurate picture of what was going on. They discovered a 90% blockage in a different area than was affected during a prior heart attack, but were able to place a stent to resolve the issue. A couple days of recovery and observation at the hospital, but he's now home. We're thankful for that. Please pray for him and continued strength as he has many meetings lined up during his October schedule.

And lastly, this little girl fell out of bed Sunday night/early morning and split open her chin on the hardwood floors.

I called the pediatrician in the morning to explain when it happened and that it was still open and slightly bleeding hours later and asked if they wanted to look at it to see if it needed stitches. Unbeknownst to me, they don't do stitches at the office and said I needed to take her to the hospital. Really? Shouldn't a doc who specializes in young children be able to handle a couple of facial stitches.

Anyway, so we (yes, John came with because I was getting queasy even just thinking about holding her still while they were stitching it up) went and they ended up just trying to glue it shut. This was all well and good until just before bedtime, she decided to pick the glue off. Now we are left with good old band-aids and triple antibiotic ointment and just praying it doesn't get infected. She'll be left with a scar to match mommy's chin.

This is where we are... for now.


  1. Ew, that looks like a nasty cut, I'm queasy from the picture so I can only imagine how you felt. I can't believe we're so close to having these babies! I'm glad everything's still going well in your pregnancy. take care!

  2. i've taken that exact picture of ethan...twice. they told me the chin is the most common place for stitches and in our house, that's certainly proven to be true. ;) i think stitches are probably done at urgent care or er b/c there are probably dozens of cases every day within a practice and drs wouldn't have time to fit them all in.

  3. Wow. What a crazy week for you! That cut looks so nasty! Poor girl. Hope it heals quickly!