Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January quotes

Hopefully John can remind me of some more later...

I heard a thud coming from the next room. I checked on it only to find an overturned footstool and a defeated three year old on the verge of tears.
Mama: What were you doing buddy?
Jackson: I was trying to reach the sky.

Eating breakfast, Jackson wanted to come over and sit by me... He said, "I'll move my bowl over and we can share...that'd be precious."

He's been picking up on phrases/lyrics... 
    (From Frozen) "mommy, what's a 'kingdom of isolation'?"
    What is "discipline"?

Jackson: I'm cool. God made me cool.

After seeing his reflection in his spoon: I'm like a bat! I'm upside down!

There were SO MANY MORE I didn't take the time to write down :(

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