Saturday, January 25, 2014

#6 cousin birthday party!

Only a month late for our first born--sorry, sweets!--but we finally got around to celebrating little miss's SIXTH birthday party with the Sharbaugh clan...she chose Disney's Frozen.  Do you know how difficult it actually is to find birthday party goodies with Anna and Elsa on them?  I thought Disney marketing would be all over this, capitalizing on every little girl's current favorite movie--especially those with winter birthdays!

John tried his hand at fondant....making Olaf's head.

Olaf regarding his nose:  "Oh, it's like a little baby unicorn!"

 Normally, with Sharbaugh cousin birthdays, there are at least two families involved.  Since it was just Emma, I figured we should probably make two boxes worth of birthday cake.  So I was in charge of the cupcakes.

John brought home a rose for his princess... She's smitten.

Presents were opened with help of her friends... 

We had kids do make their own personal size pizzas (not pictured), Olaf arms (not pictured--white choc dipped pretzel rods), Ice cubes (blue jello--leftovers pictured below) and Olaf noses (baby carrots with ranch)

We had a Frozen sing-a-long and played pin the nose on Olaf...

All in all, I think it was a success... 

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